Hotels Near Rocky Mountain National Park: Grand Lake Accommodations

The majestic Rocky Mountains reach so high up into the sky that they seem they could reach the heavens; they tower over us. Thousands of visitors come to Colorado every summer to get near them; it is like a pilgrimage. They will book up to six months in advance to camp in Rocky National Park. For those who enjoy their comforts however, we have suggestions for you. Some of the best hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park are conveniently located in Grand Lake.

Why Grand Lake?

At Grand Lake, we do our best to accommodate our visitors by offering a wide range of lodgings. You can stay at the more expensive but immensely beautiful lakeside rentals at Western Riviera Lakeside Lodging and Events. You can also set up base camp in any of our lakeside motel rooms, ranches, bed and breakfasts, cabins or condominiums. Our friendly village has something suitable for everyone.

After a day of hiking, snow shoeing, horseback riding or cross country skiing in the lovely and overwhelming beautiful settings of Rocky Mountain National Park, it is nice to return to a world of cozy comfort. Whether you want to sit on a porch listening to the wind in the pines or look from your frosted window at the snow topped mountains, Grand Lake has accommodations for all seasons. In a casual atmosphere with breathtaking lake and mountain scenery surrounding you, you can find peace and take pleasure in these great outdoor wonders.

Yet, if you feel like staying close to your new home, you can easily do so. In addition to the many amenities your cabin or other form of lodging may feature, you have everything the town offers available. Although small, we make up for it in scope. With a population of only 450 or so, we still easily manage to entertain our guests. With a variety of dining choices, local retailers, a few specialty shops, and a theater, we have everything you could want. Our historic “Boardwalk” has stores offering everything from novelty items and gifts to arts, crafts, and jewelry. You can find equipment for fishing in Grand Lake or outfits for snowmobiling. Our stores will proudly provide you with everything from groceries to fuel.

Grand Lake Hotels near Rocky Mountain National Park

The entire village provides the perfect setting for a vacation all year round. No matter the season, you can find us accommodating in many ways. With diverse types of places to stay including hotels near the Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Lake is always ready to provide its visitors with their home-away-from-home.

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