Colorado Cabins: Solitude, Beauty And Creature Comforts

Historically, cabins have always been considered rustic, even primitive. Originally, the homes of pioneers were evolved into symbols of escapism. Such lodgings in particular had associations with crystal clear lakes and rugged mountains. In addition, solitude and overwhelming silence are also attributes of this ideal. Such images remained for various states including Colorado. Cabins in the Rocky Mountains and by lakes seemed to support this idealization of primitive lodgings.

Changing Image

Over the decades however, the ideal image has changed. A summer vacation at a cabin no longer means “roughing it,” unless this is what you and your family and/or friends want. While solitude is possible and the external appearance may be rustic, what a cabin now offers inside its walls is no longer crude or rough. Instead, these once simple abodes now provide guests with all the comforts of home. Today’s cabins in Colorado come with all the necessary amenities. In fall, spring and winter, they have heat; in summer, they have fans and/or air conditioning. They also have:

  • Microwaves
  • Refrigerators
  • Wi-Fi or some other form of internet
  • Cable or other television reception
  • Decks overlooking the lakes or with a view of the mountains
  • Easy access to attractions such as the Rocky Mountain National Park, historic sites, museums, art shops/centers
  • Plenty of activities nearby – swimming, boating, fishing, shopping, hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, special events
  • Proximity to the bare necessities of life and vacation – food (grocery stores, restaurants and fast food outlets), drinks (stores and bars), shopping, laundry facilities

In fact, today’s Colorado cabins in places such as Grand Lake easily supply your vacation – no matter what the season, with all the amenities you can possibly desire. Once you settle down in one for the week or two you plan to stay, you may not ever want to leave.

All Season Accommodations in Colorado Cabins

If you come to Colorado, no matter what the season, you do have a choice of diverse types of lodgings. While many still prefer the recognizable e.g. hotels and motels, others opt for something more romantic. They are drawn to the dream of a rustic abode set among trees, along a lake, or looking up to the majestic Rocky Mountains. For them the ideal accommodation is a cabin. If you rent one in Grand Lake through our site, you can spend your days exploring the countryside nearby, including everything you associate with the concept and dream of Colorado cabins. Check our listings for lodging that will meet your needs and fulfill your dreams.

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