Grand Lake Winter Carnival

Winter Carnival

Bed Sled Races at Winter Carnival

Bed Sled Races at Winter Carnival


Every January Grand Lake hosts its annual Winter Carnival.  Each year the town comes together for a week full of fun! Last year’s theme was ‘Grand Lake Royalty’; Princes and Princesses, Knights, Wizards, Frogs and Unicorns attended the celebration. (Creativity and imaginations are always encouraged.)

  • Participants enjoy:
  • Tea pot curling
  • Snowman contest
  • Golf
  • Parade
  • Snow Sculpture Contest
  • Sled pulling
  • Masquerade ball
  • Human bowling
  • Fireworks

The carnival will be here before you know it and we’d love to see you there!

Be sure to check our events page for more info on the next contest as well as other events, or call us at the Grand Lake Visitor Center 970-627-3402.