Taking Steps to End All Cancer Race

Come out this wonderful day, September 24th, accessorized in pink and ready to race for the cure! This is a day to come together and remember all of our loved ones who did not make it, who have survived, and who are still fighting this disease. It is through all of us together we can make a difference and contribute to finding the cure to cancer.

Enjoy the closeness of the community right at home in Grand Lake, charting a course on some of the town’s gravel roads. The 5K Grand Lake walk starts on Grand Lake’s Hancock Street near St. Anne’s Church, continues to Park Avenue, then makes its way to Cairns, to “Rainbow” Bridge across the channel, then returns to make its way back to the finish on Lake Avenue. The start and finish of the 5K are set to live music by local musicians.


All proceeds go to the Mountain Family Center where Grand County patients with any type of cancer are provided with cancer-related services.

Online registration is open until the day of the race, and last-minute participants can sign up the day of the event.

Be sure to check out our events page for more info and other events, or call us at the Grand Lake Visitor Center at (970) 627-3402.